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Woodbridge quadruplets follow mother into NHS careers
pred 17 urami in 12 minutami
Three daughters are now qualified nurses like their mother, and one is a physiotherapist. (BBC News)
Should the government do more to protect the NHS?
pred 1 dnevom, 19 urami in 35 minutami
Doctors fear they could be overwhelmed, but new measures are still not being deployed in England. (BBC News)
Weight loss and mental health: 'Food has been my happiness'
21. oktober 2021 (04:30)
The BBC followed India, 28, before and after gastric sleeve surgery. (BBC News)
NHS in Wales under highest pressure ever, says chief exec
20. oktober 2021 (21:56)
Dr Andrew Goodall says Covid, waiting lists and staff shortages have left NHS Wales under pressure. (BBC News)
Care staff shortage harms services for thousands, say managers
20. oktober 2021 (04:02)
Many care staff are struggling with an increased workload and want to quit, research suggests. (BBC News)
Covid: Is the pace of the vaccine booster rollout too slow?
18. oktober 2021 (15:52)
Critics worry the rollout is happening too slowly in England to best protect people ahead of winter. (BBC News)
Great Ormond Street: Girl's heart transplant helping to cut wait times
18. oktober 2021 (15:30)
Lucy is thought to be the oldest child to receive a donor heart that did not match her blood type. (BBC News)
Positive trial results for Valneva Covid vaccine
18. oktober 2021 (13:45)
Blood results show it gets the body to mount an immune response to fight coronavirus. (BBC News)
Covid tests: I trusted my PCR results
15. oktober 2021 (16:35)
People share their stories of having negative PCR tests after positive lateral flow results. (BBC News)
Investigation ordered into Wolverhampton Covid lab test failings
15. oktober 2021 (15:59)
A lab in Wolverhampton is suspended as 43,000 people in England and Wales are potentially affected. (BBC News)