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The new surgical tool inspired by a wasp
25. julij 2021 (23:06)
The device avoids clogging by using friction instead of suction, similar to the way a parasitoid wasp lays its eggs. (BBC News)
Covid infections around the UK continue to rise
23. julij 2021 (13:01)
Cases continue to increase, with more rises possible once the impact of easing restrictions kicks in. (BBC News)
Covid-19: Stoke-on-Trent care firm feels pain of 34 deaths
22. julij 2021 (18:06)
Phil Lloyd, from NG Healthcare, said staff did everything they could to stop the virus spreading. (BBC News)
How the lives of ex-sportsmen and women have been affected by concussion
22. julij 2021 (16:50)
BBC Radio 5 Live speaks to former sportsmen and women and their families about how concussion has changed their lives. (BBC News)
Covid cases at record levels for 20 to 29-year-olds
22. julij 2021 (16:17)
Everyone in this age group should be cautious when socialising, officials say, and get two jabs. (BBC News)
Nottingham maternity scandal: 'The pain never goes away'
22. julij 2021 (05:18)
More than 20 families demand a completely independent inquiry into an NHS trust's failing maternity services. (BBC News)
Eating disorders: Number of under-20s in hospital up 50%
22. julij 2021 (03:54)
Admissions soared during the pandemic, and NHS bosses warn they are running out of beds. (BBC News)
Sport is 'marking its own homework' on athletes' brain injuries, say MPs
22. julij 2021 (03:27)
There has been little effort to protect athletes or track concussion problems, an MPs' inquiry says. (BBC News)
'She just wouldn't eat'
21. julij 2021 (23:08)
NHS data shows a 50% increase in eating disorder admissions in 2020-21 among under-19s compared to the year before. (BBC News)
Covid: Mask wearing return for Jersey as cases rise
20. julij 2021 (07:21)
Mask wearing will be mandatory in public indoor settings again after a rise in Jersey Covid cases. (BBC News)