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Record high migrant detentions at US-Mexico border
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More than 1.7 million migrants were stopped in the past year, including 145,000 children. (BBC News)
Alec Baldwin told gun was safe before fatal shooting - court records
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The actor was handed the weapon by an assistant director before Halyna Hutchins was shot, a warrant says. (BBC News)
Audio depicts Rust set after shooting
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Newly released recordings showed first responders’ activity after Baldwin shot Hutchins with a prop gun. (BBC News)
Abortion in Mexico: Fight for rights just beginning, women say
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Mexican women celebrate the Supreme Court ruling decriminalising abortion but say obstacles remain. (BBC News)
Former refugees in US to Afghans: 'You are not alone' 
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Refugees who fled their home countries to be in the US offer advice to America's newest refugees. (BBC News)
NJ Gov touts accomplishments ahead of election
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Democrat Phil Murphy took to the driver's seat as New Jersey's governor nearly four years ago, slammed on the brakes and floored it in the opposite direction his Republican predecessor, Chris Christie, was steering. He's now facing reelection on November 2nd. (Oct. 23)        (USA Today)
Today in History for October 23rd
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Highlights of this day in history: Suicide blast kills U.S. Marines and sailors in Lebanon; Students in Hungary spark Cold War revolt; President Richard Nixon agrees to turn over White House tapes; 'Tonight Show' host Johnny Carson born. (Oct. 23)        (USA Today)
Saving a million salmon and a tribe in a historic drought
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Officials destroyed dams so salmon could swim upstream. It helped preserve the livelihoods of the Hupa tribe. (BBC News)
The soft toys parents hope connect kids to their faith
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Why sales of 'singing' religious cuddly toys for very young children are booming. (BBC News)
Will Apple be the last US tech giant left in China?
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As Microsoft closes down the main version of LinkedIn, Apple looks more alone in China than ever. (BBC News)