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Rocks gathered by Chang'e 5 rover show magma once spewed from the moon
07. oktober 2021 (19:00)
Lunar samples brought back to Earth by the Chang’e 5 spacecraft seem to be less than 2 billion years old, meaning the moon had volcanic activity more recently than researchers expected (New Scientist)
Circadian clock made from scratch to probe how biological rhythms work
07. oktober 2021 (19:00)
Circadian clocks help living things keep time, and one has now been assembled from scratch in the lab to find out more about how they work (New Scientist)
Ancient Mars lake had fast-moving floods that carried huge boulders
07. oktober 2021 (19:00)
Mars used to have flowing water, which filled Jezero Crater with an enormous lake. Images of cliff faces taken by NASA’s Perseverance rover show the lake used to flood 3.7 billion years ago (New Scientist)
Team of underground rescue robots wins $2 million DARPA prize
07. oktober 2021 (15:09)
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded $2 million to a team of quadruped and flying robots capable of exploring underground caves (New Scientist)
Covid-19 news: Past covid-19 infection boosts protection from vaccines
07. oktober 2021 (12:28)
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has found two odd pairs of asteroids
07. oktober 2021 (11:54)
The New Horizons spacecraft has found two pairs of unusually close asteroids in a region of the solar system called the Kuiper belt (New Scientist)
Hares with failed snow camouflage still manage to avoid predators
07. oktober 2021 (11:07)
Snowshoe hares turn white in autumn to blend into their snowy environment – but surprisingly, they thrive even when the snow doesn’t fall (New Scientist)
World's first malaria vaccine approved for use in children in Africa
07. oktober 2021 (10:37)
The WHO has approved the first vaccine against malaria in the world, for use in children in sub-Saharan Africa (New Scientist)
Some ancient giant ground sloths dined on meat
07. oktober 2021 (10:00)
Ground sloths are often depicted as herbivorous giants of the ice age, but a fresh analysis suggests a 3-metre-long species that once lived in South America also ate some meat (New Scientist)
Flying robot can also ride a skateboard and balance on a rope
06. oktober 2021 (19:00)
A versatile robot inspired by birds can walk, balance on a slackline, skateboard and even fly – a mix of skills that could be useful for monitoring power lines or space exploration (New Scientist)