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Ancient spiders locked in amber died looking after their offspring
15. september 2021 (00:01)
Modern spiders are known to be devoted parents, and ancient spiders trapped in 99-million-year-old amber seem to have cared for their young too (New Scientist)
Sharon Peacock interview: How we track down new coronavirus variants
14. september 2021 (18:23)
Sharon Peacock leads a group of researchers who started sequencing the genome of the coronavirus in March 2020 and identified the rise of the delta variant in the UK (New Scientist)
Piles of animal dung reveal the location of an ancient Arabian oasis
14. september 2021 (18:06)
Analysis of fossilised faeces from rock hyraxes shows that the extremely dry area of Wadi Sana in Yemen was once a lush oasis (New Scientist)
Jaguars face major threat from Amazon deforestation and fires
14. september 2021 (15:03)
Prospects for South America's biggest wild cat are likely to get worse in the short term unless the Brazilian government strengthens protections against deforestation for timber and cattle farming (New Scientist)
SpaceX is about to send the first ever all-amateur mission into orbit
14. september 2021 (12:03)
SpaceX’s Inspiration4 launch, planned for 15 September, will mark the first time a flight into orbit has been crewed exclusively by people who are not professional astronauts (New Scientist)
Astronauts could use their blood and urine to make Martian concrete
14. september 2021 (11:22)
Mixing materials extracted from their own blood and urine with native Martian soil could let astronauts produce a type of concrete for building a colony (New Scientist)
Male rodents with less time to breed grow bigger testes
14. september 2021 (10:49)
Male rodents in species with shorter breeding seasons tend to have larger testes, probably because the time pressure increases sperm competition between males (New Scientist)
Shifting jet stream due to warming could threaten Europe from 2060
13. september 2021 (20:00)
Changes in the position of the polar jet stream around the Arctic may have caused past famines in Europe, and global warming could lead to even bigger changes from around the 2060s (New Scientist)
Rare genetic variants play important role in people who live to be 100
13. september 2021 (16:00)
An analysis of DNA from 515 centenarians has identified rare genetic variants that might help explain how they reached their hundredth birthday (New Scientist)
Cows have been potty-trained to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
13. september 2021 (16:00)
Sixteen young cows learned quickly how to urinate in a latrine, allowing their urine to be processed without producing greenhouse gases emissions (New Scientist)