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Covid-19 news: Call to investigate impact of vaccines on menstruation
16. september 2021 (12:10)
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic (New Scientist)
Having HPV while pregnant linked to increased risk of premature birth
16. september 2021 (11:13)
A study of 900 pregnant women has found that those infected with human papillomavirus were almost four times more likely to give birth prematurely (New Scientist)
Ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets could be decoded by an AI
16. september 2021 (11:00)
The 4500-year-old written tablets that shine a light on life in ancient Mesopotamia are often damaged, but a predictive AI trained on 104 languages can help fill in the gaps (New Scientist)
NASA’s Perseverance rover has been hit by 100 ‘dust devils’ on Mars
16. september 2021 (08:00)
The Perseverance rover on Mars was hit by 100 dust devils in its first 90 days – the Curiosity rover elsewhere on Mars is hit by the weather phenomena 5 to 10 times less often (New Scientist)
Fake TikTok accounts could spread disinformation ahead of German vote
16. september 2021 (07:00)
Video-sharing app TikTok has implemented measures to prevent the spread of disinformation about the upcoming German election, but they don't seem to be fully working, say researchers (New Scientist)
Cats refuse to snuggle with objects that smell like their owners
16. september 2021 (07:00)
Cats form strong bonds with their owners, but the scent of their human companions doesn’t comfort them when they’re left alone – and it could even make them howl more (New Scientist)
The ozone hole over the South Pole is now bigger than Antarctica
15. september 2021 (19:00)
Each year between August and October, the ozone over the South Pole is depleted – this year the hole is larger than 75 per cent of the holes that had formed by this point in the season since 1979 (New Scientist)
Cheap covid-19 antibody test shows if you have immunity in 5 minutes
15. september 2021 (19:00)
A cheap and accurate test that can tell if people have covid-19 antibodies could be used to monitor population immunity from past infections as well as vaccines (New Scientist)
Scientists are often cautious or wrong – and that’s OK
15. september 2021 (18:00)
We like to think that science can give us definitive answers to our questions, but uncertainty is a crucial part of the scientific process, says Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (New Scientist)
Why are orcas ‘attacking’ fishing boats off the coast of Gibraltar?
15. september 2021 (18:00)
Orcas, also known as killer whales, have been involved in a number of recent incidents with boats around Gibraltar, leaving researchers, sailors and local authorities scrambling to understand why (New Scientist)